Perimenopause Top Tips

Autumn, or as our US friends call it, fall, makes me think of the female life cycle. Perimenopause can feel like the approach of fall with all of the waves, uplifts, drops and fluctuations in the weather.

Here are my top tips for Perimenopause (which I have had occasion to call Menopause's evil twin):

1 - wear cotton clothing (with a bit of lycra) all the way:
2 - carry a hand-fan;
3 - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate;
4 - Meditate as often as time allows to create more internal space to house the overwhelming thoughts and feelings that can suddenly hit;
5 - train your mind to self-observe and let go so you can be kinder to yourself and others;
6 - load up on evening primrose and starflower oils for hormone support, up the magnesium to aid sleep, increase your intake of vitamins B, C and D to help the absorption of iron and calcium and to calm the nervous system;
7 - get fit - it's great for the head and prevents cancer and other diseases from bedding in;
8 - if friends have moved on, make new ones;
9 - get a new hobby, it'll be like a breath of fresh air;
10 - in a world at war, appreciate being alive and able to mind ourselves at this season of our lives.




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