On nature

Have you noticed how much better you feel after time spent in nature?

A 2019 american study noted greater cognitive ability in people who spent time in green spaces, even noting that the cognitive development of children who were outdoors more was greater than their indoor peers.

Forestbathing beloved by the Japanese, is now often prescribed by therapists as part of our self-care toolkit.  I can personally recommend it as a balm to the nervous system too.

A 2015 UK study of 2000 people who enjoyed the outdoors observed a greater sense of community, less crime and less aggression in the group, much greater than among a second group of 2000 people who were largely sedentary and spent their time inside.

Typically in Ireland, we get two weeks of summer, the rest of the months of May, June, July and August can be grey and pretty dull.  But as Billy Connolly, Comedian once said, 'there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing'.

So for our mood and our bones let's go outside.....

'Til next time.



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